Selected works


Ayn S Choi

Curated by Debra Vanderburg Spencer


June 22–October 19, 2017

Open 24/7

The Atelier Annex

635 West 42nd Street, Lobby

New York, N.Y. 10036

Somewhere between geometry and the invisible lies abstraction, in painted form. Each gesture is to be observed individually. To that end, New York-based painter Ayn S Choi provides a kind of abstraction free from over-intellectualized varnish. Choi’s painting is visibly vulnerable and self-aware; there is no detachment from the woman who grew up slowly but matured quickly. Her newest body of work reflects a full-throated release from a traditional Korean-American childhood, from adolescence, from the uncertainty of the experience of being an artist, and results in a disciplined concerto of line, color, shape, and texture. Choi’s practical background in filmmaking (she attended courses in film at NYU and the New School) and publishing (she worked for Time, Inc. Magazine Development Group) cements her in the actual world, without removal from the hazy wonderment of the artist’s world. Ayn Choi is proof that new abstraction can still be enticing, puzzling, and endearing all at once.  Shana Beth Mason